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Professional Bio

Professional Involvement

I have been with the University of Florida's Career Connections Center (C3; formerly Career Resource Center) since 2013 and I remain committed to providing students with the resources necessary for successful navigation through life after The Swamp.

I currently serve as the Associate Director for Student Engagement for the C3. In this role, I provide strategic leadership and supervision for several staff members embedded in colleges and departments across the institution. I also co-lead the development and implementation of our department's student engagement efforts.

I approach my professional work from a critical perspective. My invocation of the word critical is not synonymous with the colloquial use of the word. Possessing a critical lens does not require one to be unnecessarily cynical or pessimistic. Being critical means that I am attentive to the impact that power and privilege have across a variety of contexts, and I actively seek to disrupt any barriers to equity and student success. 

//  Associate Director for Integrated Partnerships
University of Florida, Career Resource Center
May 2016-Present
//  Assistant Director for Career & Professional Development
University of Florida, Career Resource Center
July 2014-May2016
//  Career Development Coordinator
University of Florida, Career Resource Center
June 2013-July 2015
//  Professional Development Graduate Assistant
Auburn University, Office of Professional & Career Development
August 2012-June 2013
Public Scholarship
Your Organization Might Be Racist: A Lesson Every Company Should Learn from This Moment​
If We Treat Everyone the Same, We're Likely Doing It Wrong...
The Multi-Factor Authentication Problem in College Admissions
Careers vs. Systems of Oppression: Sexism & Socialization
The Empowered Liberal Arts Graduate
// National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE)
// Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE)
// NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
Leadership Development
NACE Management Leadership Institute, July 2018

Presenter NACEConnect

"Advancing Equity Through & Despite Current Trends", 2020

Presenter, NACE Viewpoint 2020

"Unconscious Bias", 2020


Presenter, Employer Retreat, UF Career Resource Center

"The Inclusive Recruiter: Going Beyond Diversity", 2017

Presenter, Escape to the Lake Professional Development Conference “Professionalism at All Levels”, 2016

Presenter, NASPA Annual Conference

“Bringing Back Field Day", 2015


Presenter, Escape to the Lake Professional Development Conference

“LinkedIn: Professional Edition”, 2015


Presenter, Black Student Leadership Conference

“See Your Strengths- StrengthsQuest for Students”, 2015


Trainer, Housing & Residence Education, University of Florida

“LinkedIn for Professionals”, 2014


Trainer, Reitz Union Staff, University of Florida

“LinkedIn for Professionals”, 2014


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